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Our specialty is shipping freight from all over the U.S. back into the Midwest, but we can do much more!!!  We also ship outbound truckload and LTL all over the Lower 48 states.

Shipping has become very expensive and complicated with hassles at every turn.  Rules and regulations and additional costs makes us a very important resource to have.  There are thousands of truck lines and brokers competing for your business and to chose the right one can be very difficult.  Many go in and out of business in less than a year affecting your reputation.  You must have full confidence in your truck line.  We provide that confidence. 

  Midwest Inbound has praising references, many years of experience, and is highly rated by financial institutions.

The more you learn about us the more you will want to use us.  Over time you will save by making less phone calls, lower costs, and general efficiencies that come with our services.  We have been in business for over 16 years.  Loyal Customers and word of mouth have been the main engine of growth for us over the years.   Growth in repeat business says so much about us!   We offer so many convenient and effective ways to manage shipping that many use the term "essential" to describe our service.

Many find it a necessity to use Midwest Inbound for cost control, others for convenience, and still others for time sensitive freight.  On top of that, we intensely track every shipment from pick-up to delivery to make sure your load is shipped as ordered any time you check in.  This is part of the added value of reliability and status that others are not dedicated to.  We not only provide all these extras as standard procedures.  We are specialists, we control it through our vast network of over one thousand heavily screened truck lines.  Midwest Inbound is your complete transportation source!


* Highest ratings by all major industry credit and financial reporting services

* Vans and Refers 48 & 53

* Truck Load or LTL

* We are fully bonded and insured

* With our years of experience we are a one call gets it done service

* We provide constant updated status on all shipments

* No Busy signals or voice mails when calling in - you get a real person every time!

* No location Restrictions - All 48 states

* No freight restrictions

* We can do floor loads

* We can haul HAZMAT

* Our huge data base of intensely screened trucks insures we can get trucks when others can not

* Mileage and routing advice

* We do contracted rates for your regular moves available

* Emergency or infrequent moves - we still do it all

* We screen and pre-qualify all trucks before we let them ship your freight

* We can ship BLIND as directed - to protect your costumer sources

* We provide flexible billing and rate structures

* Fast & hassle free rate quotes

* We can haul up to 45K on a Van

* We can haul up to 44K on a Refer

* We can provide driver assisted loading or unloading for your special needs.

* We can provide trailers with special logistics for making sure your freight is safe and secure.

* Our goal on every load is to do it right the first time and do whatever it takes make the customer happy


It is easy with Midwest Inbound.  Call 651-430-3300 and talk to one of our pleasant and knowledgeable dispatchers.  You will soon be very confident and ready to order your truck with us.  All we need before you place your first order is a quick credit check and we are ready to go. 


Midwest Inbound Transport
PO Box 41
Stillwater, MN  55082
phone (651) 430-3300
fax (651) 430-9388

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